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Refurbishments that increase your house value

There are various refurbishments that can provide the additional comforts anybody would expect from their homes, and also increasing your home’s value. Some aren’t especially costly or strenuous and some will require planning approval. It isn’t the length of the work that demonstrates it’s value, but the impact it has on un-tapping the ability of your home. When you’re ready to roll out certain changes and make some changes and invest in a worker for hire – or some DIY – consider the following value boosting refurbishments.


Decorating your property, especially in case if you have plans to either rent or sell, can be more impactful than you think. While future purchasers may not hold on to small superficial quirks and flaws, they do like to be able to imagine themselves in your home. Symmetrical, clean and fresh paintwork, level flooring and the covering of superficial cracks all add to the impression of a home’s value. This isn’t restricted to the interior, first impressions are important and a touch up of paint to the façade of your home can increase its value – something less for a buyer to do.

Depending upon the size of work required, it may be worth investing resources in hiring somebody to do this for you. Especially while thinking about the heights, you’ll need to reach to paint externally and tricky areas like above and around your staircases. As a lick of paint can make a huge impression on your home, it worth’s considering the experts to get it exactly as you had envisioned it.

Kitchen Makeovers

Extraordinary kitchens have always been essential to most of the buyers and significantly more so over the last year. In case you’re planning to put resources into your home, a kitchen refurb will serve as money well spent. Prior to getting stuck in with the decor, truly evaluate the layout and positioning in your home. Have you given it the space it deserves? Could you accomplish some more natural light to make the space to feel more sociable? What’s more, remember storage, guarantee you make the most of the space. If you are refurbing with the intention to flip your property, consider opting for a clean and classic style and neutral tiles. Neutral décor can be accented with shading and accessories to make the space to feel cozier and more homely.

Bathroom Updates

Similar as kitchens, washrooms are spaces with real importance in the home. The lounge and bedrooms can be served with a lick of paint and have a genuine effect, but the washroom is a much more ideal project with a more prominent cost. That cost, very much focused on, can add to the value of your home by up to 4-5%. Restrooms should feel lavish, classic and clean as it won’t be a space privy of regular refurbishment. Focus on getting the design right and taking full advantage of the space. In London, it’s particularly interesting to find a rental property with a bathtub – does the size of your washroom allow for one? These are added extravagances that give a feeling of comfort to the renter and buyers and are frequently considered in short supply. Guarantee all sanitary ware is replaced or fixed if chipped, and again go for neutral colors that clean up well.


More so than ever renters and buyers alike are seeking for outside space, 45% of purchasers willing to spend more for the luxury. Tidying up your external space need not be a costly task, in case you’re willing to do it yourself. The primary goal should be to guarantee its tidy and you routinely rid it of weeds, just as removing clutter so that the space looks bigger. Painting wall, filling in the patches in your grass, and leveling any brick or stonework will run after the value of your home. Take it one step further by introducing zones like a deck for outside dining, just as a grassed area for relaxing and spending quality time with the family.

There are various refurbishments you could consider to expand the value of your home, and this is certainly not an exhaustive list. It does, however, highlight the aspects of a home that 2021’s renters and buyers are prioritizing. A portion of these changes are quick fixes and could make great projects.

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